Award Winning Audio Production


Barry Gibbons

Mastering Engineer


With over three decades in the recording industry and 15 years in the very intense discipline of mastering, you can trust your work to Platinum.


From motion picture soundtracks to dance club mixes, we have brought a wide range of music to life. Our experience is your greatest asset.


We are prepared to carefully deliver your project for CD replication. We are also trained to deliver MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) tracks for higher resolution iTunes delivery.

The Mastering Room

Booking Info: 801 294-6444

Mastering Information


When you deliver your tracks to us, please:


1.  Give us the highest sample rate and deepest bit depth files native to your project. Avoid mp3s or other compressed formats.


2. Include an email or hard copy of the project name, song order, and the artist or artists involved.


3. Include all ISRC codes where available.


4. Include your contact information.