Award Winning Audio Production


Control Room A


From Rick Baptist to Tower of Power, Michael Gibbons has recorded and mixed many high profile artists. He uses the classic sounds of the API 1608 for its character, width and depth. Big drums and fat rhythm tracks are the hallmark of control room A and the 26'X34' studio that supports it.


Michael has within his reach a rich collection of vintage and new microphones, mic preamps and compressors... the most revered gear in the audio industry, providing the perfect tools to carefully craft every note of every song.


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Control Room B


The SSL AWS924 is the mixing centerpiece of this control room. The width and clarity of the SSL is stunning in every way. Over the past three decades more than 80% of all hits have been mixed on an SSL console. They are simply the finest mixing tool in the audio industry. Add to this a large number of treasured outboard tools and you have a world class mix room at an affordable hourly rate.


While we offer award winning mixing services, many artists are now mixing their own projects. Getting a mix tweaked at home and bringing it in to finish the job through the SSL and outboard gear can be a powerful combination.


We would be honored to show you our facility and answer any questions you might have.

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