Award Winning Audio Production


Policies and Related Information

Sessions and Accounting:


Platinum Sound and Mastering will make every effort to work with you in finding recording, mixing and mastering dates that meet your time requirements. It will be helpful for you to book your dates as far in advance as possible.


A deposit of 25% of total time booked may be required at the time of booking for those who do not have an established account with Platinum. Any cancellations or reschedules must be received no later than 48 hours before booked session date or deposit may be forfeited.


Please Call For Current Rates


Hourly sessions are billed at a minimum of 1/2 hour, and then in 15 minute increments thereafter. The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time.


Hourly rates do not include the cost of any additional media (CD, DVD, tapes, hard drives or other). Payment in full is required at the end of a session unless otherwise arranged. No media or recordings will be released by Platinum to Client until outstanding balances are satisfied.


Media & Storage:


Platinum is committed to the safe keeping of your project assets; however, you are highly encouraged to make sure you have backup copies of your work. Due to the unstable nature of digital media and events that are unforeseen (Fire, Earthquake, Flood etc.), Platinum assumes no liability for the safe keeping of your project or any of its assets.


Furthermore, if the studio provides storage space for your project, we reserve the right to remove those assets at our discretion after 30 days from the last studio date booked. We will be happy to provide backup copies of your work for an additional cost.



General Policies:


Platinum will refuse to work on material that is obscene or vulgar in any way. We maintain a policy of not recording anything that would, in motion picture terms, fall outside of a PG movie rating. Profane or highly suggestive or explicitly sexual material will not be welcome.


No smoking, alcohol, firearms or drugs allowed on premises at any time. No food or beverages allowed on or near equipment racks, recording gear, or near the mixing board. Disruptive individuals will be asked to leave the studio facility. Clients will be held financially responsible for any damage to the Studio's equipment or facilities by Client or Client's guests.


Platinum is not responsible for any property that is left on the premises.


Platinum will not be liable to the Client for equipment downtime or delays caused by equipment failure beyond the Studio's Control. Any downtime as a result of the Studio equipment failure or availability shall be re-scheduled to a time acceptable to the Studio and Client.


Client agrees to indemnify Studio and employees and hold harmless from any claims, costs, losses, detriments and expenses incurred by client.


Client affirms that he/she is the rightful owner or rights holder of material to be recorded. Platinum is not responsible for copyright violations, talent or creative royalties, mechanical reproduction licenses, or any other liabilities for such material or services. Platinum Sound and Mastering makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, except those contained herein.